Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Kill me

Unending, unmitigated despair. Pain upon pain.

For some people this is all there is in like. These people usually find themselves in the care of the mental health systems but it offers no solutions. Practioners lack wisdom and the necessary skills to save these suffering souls. Some make it worse.

No one should be forced to live through this torture. Pain without end or respite is torture - the sort which basic humanity demands must stop.

This basic humanity is missing from the practitioners of this time. Their bland morality enforces more torture on the torture.

When will humanity shine bright? When will mental healthcare acknowledge its extensive failure, its inability to heal?

When assisted suicide is legalised. Till then, I spit on inhumanity. I hate you as I would hate any cunt who allows torture.

Kill me.

- sent from a tablet

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