Tuesday, 2 September 2014

I do believe the veneration of disability is in tune with creating a better society

By the social model answer of creating something better by reducing the impact of social determinants is fundamental to humanity's evolution towards equality. The integrity of disability calls human diversity something to be enshrined and protected. The extremes of disability are natural human variation which should be accommodated by any advanced civilisation as should less extreme human difference/diversity. Society is not focused purely on accommodating white skinned people only and it shouldn't only be for non disabled people only either.

However this particular rhetoric falls foul of the entrenched and immovable nature of equality in modern times. People with disabilities suffer more, live a lower quality life and obviously die earlier too. This is what's real whereas the integrity of disability isn't even enshrined in the law in this country and in mental health it's clear the law applied to people applies differently (usually less but in insanity defences the privilege of the invalid confers an alternative to the criminal justice punishment for a given crime) which can further the injustice.

Being disabled in fucking shit. Basically. The social model isn't being applied to change this simple truth. Being different shouldn't mean life is shitter but it definitely does. And it's very real for those who have to endure - I hope that's the right word - being disabled.

I don't venerate suffering, in other words, and the conclusions from the social model are clear that this is a direct consequence for most disabled people. I venerate the diversity inherent and vital to the human race but would not want people to suffer because they're different obviously. The problem is that without the consensus veneration of disability there is only suffering for those who maintain the integrity of their disability.

The world is not right and will not change.

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