Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Suicide is about pain and fear of future pain (and escape from this reality)

This title seems like a summary of a substantial amount about suicide. It is simple and feels like truth, certainly more truth than it's a spurious, irrelevant manifestation of a brain impairment as is the central suicide principle and understanding in biomedical psychiatry.

If you see the pain then you're closer to the reality of suicidal thoughts. It's also easier to accept suicide because no one wants someone else in pain, in torture. Attacking social determinants becomes the priority and acceptance of suicide central to the principle of least harms. Suicidal suffering is simply a suffering too great and the only mental health state I'd say shouldn't exist with a sense of certainty. Torture in all its forms is unacceptable and there must be the sense to end immitigable pain the hard way by legalisation of suicide. Decriminalisation is simply unacceptable because allowing torture to happen is unacceptable.

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