Saturday, 28 January 2012

Freedom of knowledge and information on suicide methods

A key anti-suicide method is suppression of information, censorship and misinformation.

These are tools used because people don't want other people to kill themselves. Suicidology is not a well developed field and applied suicidology doesn't exist so people resort to shitty, unethical methods like censorship and misinformation. Rather than prevent people getting to the stage where they want death - a very difficult challenge - current practice is to suppress and censor methods and information about methods.

No wonder so many people want to die. For me what's worse is the censorship and misinformation. Knowledge is something pure in this shit of a life. It is something which empowers and something which is above the rest of the filth of modern society. Knowledge is about the pursuit of absolute truth. Anti-suicide practices tarnish this ideal.

It goes without saying that assisted suicide will be legalised on day though it may be some time before the current norms and morals about self termination are shattered asunder. I think before this true suicide prevention - which is stopping people ever wanting to escape their conscious existence - will be an active part of the design of society and culture.

Until then there's still the sort of shit which drives 1 in 6 in the UK to seriously consider taking their life at some point.

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