Friday, 6 January 2012

If any of the Few...

...of fighter command were amongst those who died unnecessarily then...fuck. I would hope those who live in the bountiful freedom we have today would stand up against the new tyranny of evil, the tyranny of psychiatry.

Those souls risked and died for our world today. For all the shit that it is it would be a worse world had Britain fallen to the Nazis.

Every year we remember the memories of the fallen by buying poppies. Too easily though we forget the true value of their sacrifice.

Too easily did all of us - the public, the police and politicans - forget that we never kill the elderly for their behaviour.

If any of the Few of fighter command died at the hands of the chemical cosh then...fuck....can any of our generation hold our heads up?

Theirs was not to reason why. They flew to defend an ideal, and too many died. My freedom is based on their sacrifice. I will not allow their memory and their sacrifice to be denigrated by the piss shit fucking cuntedness we call modern psychiatry.

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