Monday, 23 January 2012

What colour would you be in tangible mixed reality?

The next century will see a leap in humanity as "unlike no other before it" as all great leaps before it: permanent tangible mixed reality.

Mixed reality is when electronic and real world collide into a seamless fusion, a fusion which brings extraordinary possibilities.

Once bionic contact lenses or bionic eyes are pervasive a person can be whatever they want in terms of their visual external presentation. The change is happening with Second Life and other electronic worlds where people can have their own avatars. The market for virtual apparel is growing from nothing into something, a something which will grow to become a massive industry in the future as these garments become something which are part of real world reality instead of viewed through conventional interfaces such as phones and computers.

But what colour would you be if you existed in this world? I'm talking about choosing skin colour.

Cosmetic surgery and tanning booths allow people to change their skin colour today within the range of normal colours, I.e. the spectrum of hues of pink and brown.

The future has new possibilities. All shades. Changing colours. Moving colours and patterns. What would you be?

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