Saturday, 21 January 2012

The real challenge for the future of mental health treatment is applied sociology

The inception of psychiatry was not a good thing for the human race.

It was necessary and a reaction to the exclusion of the mad. Too many ended up impoverished and dying prematurely. They endured significant mistreatment. Without psychiatry's creation this crime against humanity would have continued.

Unfortunately there was a new problem created which was further propagated through the generations since The Great Confinement: the hiding of madness and the widening of the percentage of the human race 'normalised' by psychiatry and psychology. The very idea that there is a real thing called a normal human being is false but this is fundamental to the way mental health works, and it is applied to subjugate human difference in a different way to the conditions and systems which existed before The Great Confinement. They now use the paradigm and priviledge of medicine and healthcare, with pseudoscience as the new dogma of truth.

Society in the developed world is progressing past Industrial Age values. It is also coming to realise the fallacy of mental health as it is comes to the apex of its subjugation of the human race in the revised edition of Dsm-V, the main American psychiatric reference manual which dominates research worldwide. At least I hope it is.

Beyond distress, disorder or disability the frontier is diversity. This is the opposite of what the mental health system tries to do. It tries to homogenise that which is not meant to be anything but what it is: a human being.

This is where the sociology paradigm is valuable to see what the direction is for the future. I think fundamentally it returns to the religious ideal of acceptance and compassion for all but with the new dogma of science applied to explain why people should accept the strangeness of strangers and the madness of the mad.

The devil is the detail though, the application of sociology or religious ideals. A few centuries have done a lot of damage to the human race. I guess the masses don't really want to accept the vagries of behaviour and emotion of individuals who are of a different type, just as they may not have understood why black people were the same as white people and shouldn't be slaves.

This is the challenge. How the fuck to apply sociology and anthropology to heal the illness in developed world society which is why psychiatry was invented and is now causing?

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