Sunday, 19 January 2014

Believing in something not (empirically?) true

This thought is about something called faith or, perhaps better, instinct.

I'm talking about equality. It's a noble principle but it doesn't exist yet. It may never exist.

People do have differences from construct measures of intelligence to the even-harder-to-quantify potential to contribute to the greater good. Some people are star athletes but can't do simple mathematics while others have genius-level intelligence but can't tie their own shoelaces. Others have many skills but don't excel in any one of them.

These various assets, in theory, advantage certain people in certain areas of life and detriments do likewise damage.

In today's world of wide disparity between rich and poor there is a practical, real world impact.

Today's society values people in insane ways but perhaps a sane unequal method of distribution of wealth would outperform an egalitarian approach.

I might be rehashing the capitalism /socialism debate but actually it's part of what Im rambling on about.

The evidence is communism lost the Cold War. Though capitalist nations have included quasi socialist ideals in the post- cold war era what dominates is the ideal that an unequal distribution of wealth is right.

There are reasons for the USSR's failure but nonetheless unequal distribution of wealth, power and all sorts of other quantities really does work.

But, in the face of lack of supporting evidence and lots of evidence to the contrary, I still dogmatically believe equality is right.

What do you think?
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