Friday, 17 January 2014

Sex and disability

It might seem ludicrous to suggest that sex should be available on the NHS but it isn't. Not to me.

I believe the social model and it's prediction of exclusion for disadvantaged and disabled is the right one.

Sex obviously makes a lot of people happy. But this happiness is not the privilege of the disabled. It's a sad reality but shit happens.

But what of the treatment practitioner (or prostitute in other words)? I'm specifically thinking of their mental health.

The last time I had sex I didn't enjoy it. It was nothing to do with who I was with. It could have been Jennifer Morrison (fro m house) and I'd have felt the same. On reflection perhaps I might have felt like it if I was sleeping with Sandra bullock but enough about my celebrity fantasies.

The point was that even though I didn't want to I still did it because that's what people do for one another when they're in a relationship.

It felt really crappy and I fear many prostitutes feel. Am I right?

I do believe in the legalization of prostitution because it is the harm minimization solution.

Anyway, I've clearly wandered off in a tangent I know nothing about.

But sex on prescription? It's really not rocket science.

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