Thursday, 9 January 2014

Closing the barn doors after the horse has bolted

This is perhaps the kindest description I can make of the modern model of suicide prevention. More kind than, say, "bunch of fucking cunts" but equally accurate.

People are harmed to the point where they first think of killing themselves. My personal e experience is the harm never stops coming. It's driven me deeper and deeper into suicide.

There is no prevention of the causes of suicide. That would be far too sane, intelligent and genuinely compassionate for the anti suicide lobby and ideology which dominAtes mental health. Instead the bunch of fucking cunts just make acquiring the best methods impossible.

I must sound like a heartless psycho with no grip on reality when I chastise the effort to make suicide impossible by blocking access to the means to successfully die. I'm well aware of my radical, fundamentalist position.

In truth I think it is valuable to keep methods away from people who might impulsively attempt to kill themselves but would regret it shortly afterwards as they move on from the intense emotions which can drive regretted suicides.

Where I am unequivocal about and will not spare my anger from is the total denial of good suicide methods. How dare they deny me or anyone else a release from chronic misery? Who are they to steal away the choice of my conscious, contemplated and enduring free will?

How dare anyone consign an individual to more harm and torture than they can stand? This is the fundamental error of modern suicide prevention. Its misdirected compassion and unearned right of control consigns the chronically suicidal to hell. This is what no man should do and frankly no good God would allow either.

I do not use the term" hell" lightly. I wish I could make those against the legalization of suicide suffer uncontrollably till they're so desperate to die they gouge out their eyes to stab their brain but that too doesn't end their life. I'm pretty sure the experience would change their mind and methods.

Of course an effort would be made to ensure the individual doesn't impulsively kill themselves except for those who lived with regular thoughts of wanting to die for at least three months. However there must exist the legal mental health suicide pathway, as well as the drive to prevent anyone feeling suicidal ever again.
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