Monday, 26 December 2011

Anyone who thinks the disabled should be automatically entitled to free university education is an idiot

Education is a right, not a privilege, for everyone.

Modern occupational requirements create a glass ceiling for many who
don't get a degree. There are other skills which people learn at
university and other experiences which contribute to better outcomes in
later life.

The idiots are right but only if you consider the social model and what
modern education offers. "No degree" is currently a predictor of worse
life outcomes (I guess) which makes it a disability.

Of course society could change such that people didn't need a university
education to prosper but that doesn't negate the university experience
and the skills acquired, skills which most people won't have the
opportunity to learn ever again.

I'm not the best example of a person with a degree who's done well in
life. I have little wealth in terms of commonly accepted measures.
University forced me to learn how to learn. I learned social skills. I
learned about people. I learned to drink and take drugs. I learned to
survive severe mental illness with only one spell on medication. It
forced me to learn how to pass an exam while hallucinating from 3 days
without sleep.

University is challenging and demanding. It pushes students harder than
they've ever been pushed before,. It is a safe environment where people
are free to explore themselves and develop. It is not like office life.
Not for most people without a degree.

Please can I ask for a few second of your time to click this link and like my suggestion.

I need the data about health outcomes sorted by race, gender, age and other characteristics so I can see if disadvantaged groups are being further disdavantaged by London GPs.

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