Friday, 9 December 2011

What if mental healthcare focused on the sociol model of treatment?

I'm almost through a bottle of wine as I sit here out in the park.

In practice so little of the considerations of sociology and mental health are applied. It is all too abstract and rradical. Alternatively you might say psychiatry is too powerful.

Psychiatry's dogma includes the social model when it comes to prognosis on social outcomes. So little of what psychiatry does is to thing along those lines when it comes to treatment.

It isn't in their mindset. Doctors are generally recruited through a set of similar experiences and education. Sociology and wide life experience are not part of the path for most doctors.

Sociolgists also don't do much stuff in practice. They rarely apply their theory effectively. There is little impact.

Things are changing but it is still pissing in the ocean. Doctors are still biomedically trained. Their knowledge of the biopsychosocial model and the sociological model is poor. This is about their basic training before they become specialised.

They don't learn to think. This is why new avenues which genuinely better the biomedical model of treatment's goal are coming from outside biomedical mainstream. Time to change is one example. Part of the partnership are two charities which

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