Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Suicide and antipsychotics

I can't remember PANSS or BPRß in detail at the moment. I can't remember if the scales directly measure suicidal thoughts. It doesn't matter. The scales are shit anyway.

I was just thinking about drugs which stop sucide. In truth there aren't any humane ones. There aren't any chemicals which truly work to stop a person feeling that they want death. Not without continuing the high or the effect.

Antidepressants work like other narcotics. By getting a person high they can reduce suicidality. Antipsychotics affect people in a different way. They suppress everything. They work to suppress suicide attempts and the drug cloazpine is so successful. The deaths of patients dont matter. Neither does the rct evidence that the drug doesn't stop completed suicides in the us. However, in finland the drug does do amazing things to increase life expectancy while killing the patient. The latter statistic confused all cause mortality with pure mortality. I would guess the extra deaths caused by clozapine outweigh the deaths from suicide which it prevents.

But then it ain't rocket science. The best chemical cosh - the best shackles - prevent suicide. Wouldn't shackling the suicidal also prevent completed suicide? Shackles suppress so much but they also treat suicide because...well...the person can't gather the energy to kill themselves.

The morons who read stuff which says antidepressants cause suicide and sit there going...oh...that's surprising...are morons. They have no lived experience. That's the definition of being a moron in mental health...okay...technically a learning disability...but who cares about my fucking use of language. This is mental health.

Antidepressants don't really actively cause suicide. They give people the energy to get what they want. Antipsychotics, on the other hand, suppress people. This stops suicide like a straitjacket, and is as equally moral.

Whatever answer mental health offers is all about drugs. Psychotherapists wouldn't have a fucking clue how to help those who are suicidal. Useless cunts. Sociologists are right but they're useless.

The volunteers at the samaritans are the last best hope. That is, unless, you're one of those who wants to die.

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