Saturday, 24 December 2011


Someone might be foolish enough to think there's already a Mental Health
Act. There isn't. There's a Mental Illness Act which covers severe
psychiatric crisis in practice.

There are few rights and guarantees. Most rights are taken away with
certain sections of the current Act. For example, it has not been
defined if it is acceptable to kill people for their behaviour or
emotions. In practice this is what is currently happening and
psychiatrists are allowed to do it as are GPs.

Do we, as a modern society, have a right to kill people using chemicals
to suppress behaviour and emotion? Do we as a race allow the suppression
of human difference using chemicals because this is what the temporary
construct of post-Industrial Age society has the power to do. If it is
deemed moral to exercise this power then should doctors be the ones
doing it? And should any entity which suppresses human difference be
allowed to kill the individual in the process?

These questions are fundamental to the progress of civilisations. The
slaves are now free. When is it time to set the different free from the
subjugation of their type using chemicals and the label of mental illness?

It will happen. Of that I am certain. It might take a hundred years or a
thousand. That's the journey to reach the objective. That's the time
progress takes to happen.

The When can start whenever enough people say: today. The time for the
change is now.

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