Friday, 9 December 2011

The hung head

Smartphones have made computers truly ubiquitous. I don't think many users truly see their phones as computers but the modern multipurpose smartphone is exactly that.

I'm on the tube at the moment and people like me and peering down at a little handheld device. Their not talking to people. They're browsing the internet, listening to music or writing an email.

As humans we're still forced to adapt to the device. I wasn't meant to write and see and communicate this way. Instead my thumbs type the words on a small keyboard. I read the words on a small screen with my head hung down.

This is an unnatural position for homo sapiens. I've had to adapt to the technology because of the benefits it offers me. The portable computer has not yet evolved to be a natural device.

By natural I mean exactly that. It should worrk like how I would deal with the function of what I'm doing without the device.

This is hard to understand without knowing about the next evolution in computer interfaces.  Tangible mixed reality is only seen inscience fiction films or in pioneering work in the technology industry. The public are becoming familiar with augmented reality but tangible mixed reality is the great leap

Electronic and real world collide into a seamless experience of reality made possible by overlay interface devices. This technology in full development will be mind blowing but it might take a century to get their.

It will happen though. Such is the progress of technology and time.

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