Monday, 19 December 2011

Suicide and censorship (for fucks sake)

I grow weary of some of the tactics of suicide prevention. They're
shitty methods.

One of them is censorship and misinformation. Facebook has instigated a
policy where people who are Facebook friends of someone who is suicidal
are told to report it and then Facebook will connect the suicidal person
with an online counsellor. They're teaching people to not open up about
suicidal thoughts and they're teaching the friends of suicidal people to
report expression of suicide to the authorities rather than fucking talk
to the individual. For fucks sake.

The charcoal burning method popular in Hong Kong disappeared from the
internet. The components of the Darvon Cocktail are made ever harder to
acquire. The information about the Darvon Cocktail's ingredients has
been removed from the current Wiki page and left with a simple description.

There is information on another page which reports suicides in Japan or
somewhere else in East Asia where people killed themselves by making a
poisonous gas out of household chemicals. The Wikipedia page reports
what I assume the local media reported which was the gas was hydrogen
sulphide. If I remember my chemistry lessons right I think this gas is
poisonous but it also smells strongly. It is available to the public as
fart bombs. This could never be a suicide method used in small
apartments - which is what the story was reporting on - because the
smell of shit would alert the neighbours. They would be knocking on the
door before the gas could reach fatal levels.

Some people might agree that this sort of tactic is necessary to save
lives. Morals and ethics can be set aside because of the compassionate
goal of saving another person's life.

For fucks sake. The tactic of removing suicide information and providing
false hope through censorship and misinformation is the sort of shit
which leads people to take their life. It is shit done by people who
don't understand and it doesn't help the core of the problem.

People want to die. Some do. 1 in 6 in the UK in their lifetime. The
current hegemony are suppressing this using the standard tactics of
suppression and they're allowed to do it because the cunts think they're
compassionate. They pick weak, easy and immoral solutions so they don't
ever have to think of real solutions.

What to do I mean by real solutions? We have to be honest about cause.

Sri Lanka had one of the highest suicide rates in the world. The UN or
WHO decided to do something about it. Their solution was to ban certain
pesticides and ensure poison antidotes were available at local
hospitals. This worked to save lives but didn't stop people trying to
kill themselves. It never addressed the cause. People were killing
themselves because of one of the bloodiest and bitterst civil wars in
modern history.

Rather than find a real solution to stop people trying to kill
themselves the powers that be just made it harder to be successful. For
fucks sake.

It's already established that recessions are associated with an increase
in the suicide rate. The government released £5 million extra funding
for psychological therapies. It's a fucking piss ant sum but it doesn't
matter. They allowed the recession to happen. They would make
co=proxamal hard to prescribe (it may be banned now - it's one of the
ingredients of the Darvon cocktail) and barbiutes are just as hard to
get. They would not seek to address the cause though.

Now Facebook, the world's largest social network, is turning the friends
of people who are suicidal into suicide policeman. I don't post to the
wider public who know me that I want to kill myself or very rarely. It
is here I externalise my shit. Few read this and few know it's my blog
so I need not worry. I think the last thing I'd want is a friend to tell
mental health services and for them to send someone in. This is the sort
of attitude to suicide that makes me glad I'll die one day.

The censorship relates to a part of the problem. People can't and don't
know how to talk about. The taboo reinforced by the censorship and
misinformation spread by the mental health fraternity/sorority also
makes it harder to talk about it. 1 in 6 in their lifetime but it is
still a taboo. When a person is suicidal they may want to talk to a
mental health professional rather than someone close to them, for
obvious reasons. Some may also prefer to talk to a friend or if they
post up about it on Facebook to have a friend talk to them rathe than
report them to the authorities on Facebook.

The problem is most people who want to talk to a friend about suicide
can't, not unless their friend is known to have tried it or they're
familiar with it because they know about mental health. The system wants
people to talk about it but to not talk about it with anyone else but
mental health professionals. For fucks sake. Like they're any use.

The suicide prevention is dominated by people who don't seem to
understand. Many of them have never even tried to take their own life.
For fucks sake. This is why the solutions are so shit and lack real
compassion or respect for the suicidal. This is why they don't address
what the real problem is: developed world society is fucked up.

For fucks sake. It is that obvious but no one wants to accept it because
they fear the need to create real solutions.

For fucks sake.

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