Monday, 26 December 2011

Doctors who kill patients, cause illnhess and reduce life expectancy using the chemical cosh

Need to be punished just like any other murdering doctor. Harold shipman for example.

They should be stripped of their professional roles and put in jail. Or better yet, incarcerated in psychiatric wards and forcibly treated with clozapine.

This is, after all, what the law is there for. To protect the people fronm murderers in white coats or any other profession.

In one year doctors killed almost twice as many elderly people with unnecessary chemical treatment than there were homicides committed. None were prosecuted but they should be.

Great change takes great sacrifice but it shouldn't have been at the cost of so many lives. The great leap fforward is what happens once the doctors are in jail. This is not the same as corporate manslaughter. It is different. Doctors have a different responsibility. This is why they are allowed to get away with it but it ends now.

I hope there are a lot of medical students ready to fill the place of the murderers. Or perhaps prisons/psych wards will be where people will need to go to see their doctor in the short term.

The great future is what this is all about, a future where people uphold the first commandment said by a schizophrenic. For fucks sake. It has been 2000 years. It isn't rocket science. The message is seen everywhere where we find the better part of humanity.

We do not kill anyone for their behaviour, you bunch of fucking cunts, unless they want to be killed.

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