Monday, 19 December 2011


I'#m currently reading this.

Music-making for Looked After Children.

On a scale of bad childhood experiences been a Looked After Child, a
person who is looked after by the state as their parent, is fucking
shit. If you think living in a children's home or, for the lucky ones, a
foster home is bad then understand that the events which brought those
children to be looked after by the state are horrors the likes of which
should not happen to anyone. For example, a baby who is struck by their
father so hard they are flung across the room.

Being a Looked After Child is also a predictor of a worse life course.
Few go to posh boarding schools after they leave a foster home, spend a
year working as a programmer then go off to a top 5 UK university. I was
very lucky. i don't know what happen to the other children I sepnt time
with when I was in a children's home for about a month or two around the
time I did my GCSEs.

Anything which would help the other LAC do better and have a chance at
the opportunities I've had in life is a step forward for society and

Thinking about it another way, I have met a lot of people in my lifetime
who would have never have met a psychiatric patient or Looked After
Child in their life. Many of the people I've met don't know that I have
been a psychiatric patient, in a children's home and a foster home for
short periods. It usually surprises them when they find out.

Please can I ask for a few second of your time to click this link and like my suggestion.

I need the data about health outcomes sorted by race, gender, age and other characteristics so I can see if disadvantaged groups are being further disdavantaged by London GPs.

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