Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Was Jesus a schizophrenic?

He heard voices. He felt the presence of god. He was kind, compassionate
and altruistic. He was disadvantaged, persecuted and tortured by a
heartless system. He never went back to work as a carpenter so I assume
he was unemployed too. He was from a region of North Africa and there's
a good chance he was black skinned so there's a good chance a British
psychiatrist would diagnose schizophrenia - they overdiagnose it by 9 times.

Let's see what the psychiatrists say
"In short, the nature of the hallucinations of Jesus, as they are
described in the orthodox Gospels, permits us to conclude that the
founder of the Christian religion was afflicted with religious paranoia."
Psychiatrist Dr. Charles Binet-Sangle: La Folie de Jesus (The Madness of
Jesus), 1910

"…Jesus Christ might simply have returned to his carpentry following the
use of modern psychiatric treatments."
William Sargant, British psychiatrist, 1974

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