Friday, 23 December 2011

Integrated mental health and social care quasi-therapeutic employment communities which integrate the severely mentally disabled into society (or using big words to explain something simple)

I find this most amusing. This is a reworking of something I suggested 2
years ago at a research workship on therapeutic communities for
personality disorders. Basically I suggested employment therapeutic

The problem is the therapeutic community model still removes the person
from general, mainstream society. This is also what the benefits system
does. Benefits result in the prison of poverty and also create an
exclusion system because the mentally ill are removed from workplace

Long story short. What if every large employer needed to employ people
with physical or mental health disabilities by law. These roles could be
part funded by the Department of Health as a treatment but the
individual is tasked with doing a job which contributes to the company's
bottom line. This is meant to be a therapeutic role as well as a social
model treatment to reduce the disability of severe disabilities.

Organisations understand that they have a duty to employ more disabled
people but the rate of employment is poor. This means many people are
trapped in poverty and have no way to get out of it. There are people
with talent, skills and potential being forced off the benefits system
into menial roles. They can't get good work because of their disability,
and one of the impacts of disability is the lack of work experience or
education. This doesn't not mean a person has lost their potential. It
just means society's systems disadvantage them and discriminate against

The legal duty needs to be taken a step further. Every organisation from
investment banks to the intelligence services should seek to create
opportunities designed to be healthcare and social model treatments for
mental illness. They need to create the social model 'lifts and ramps'
which reduced mobility disability by changing society.

There are so many potential benefits to this idea. It is also fucking
crazy. :-)

Please can I ask for a few second of your time to click this link and like my suggestion.

I need the data about health outcomes sorted by race, gender, age and other characteristics so I can see if disadvantaged groups are being further disdavantaged by London GPs.

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