Thursday, 15 December 2011

Healthcare inequality and race inequality

This is a guess but I guess that ethnic minorities get worse healthcare
on average. My guess is based on stuff like ethnic minorities are often
poorer and live in poor areas, more so than their white counterparts.

How could this be found out? What I mean is how could it be determined
if this was true for London?

I've answered the question before asking it. London QOF data is
available to the public. I don't think it'll have mental health data
because I'm not sure if there are established mental health QOFs.
There's also data from the Census which gives ethnographic breakdowns by
area. The areas covered by the QOF data may be different from the Census
areas but I think it may still be possible to line them up. The problem
is the Census data is much more granular so offers better detail. QOF
data may not be made available with suitable levels of detail but the
information exists. The raw data should have some sort of proxy for
location which has a higher resolution than the top level QOF
geographical areas.

Fuck it. I'll just get the government to get the data.

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