Monday, 19 December 2011

Blue sky thinking and madness

A quality of madness which is positive is the quality to dream, to think
creatively and think big. This is pathologised by things like mania,
schizophrenia, flight of ideas, grandiose thoughts and other labels of

It is also usually suppressed in lower levels of the hierachial
organisation designs which are common place in developing world nations,
especially in typical Industrial Revolution organisations. Some
industries which reflect the new wave, for example new media, allow more
freedom for creativity and the creative industries are often have a lot
of mentally ill people. And for good reason. It seems their disorder has
a place in these industries.

In the top tiers of organisations which are typical of Industrial
Revolution structures the creativity and qualities of madness are
usually conditioned out and removed by the select process which come
before a person reaches these top tiers. This means the people who are
meant to be doing the blue sky thinking can't do it. They've lost so
much of that valuable quality which is madness.

Of course it doesn't take simply being mad. It requires knowledge of the
industry. The problem is this also the path tot he loss of this
necessary human quality for many people. They have to go through the
midldle strata in the organisational hierachy and this is the process
which - for far too many top level people - is part of the extended
conditioning which leaves them bereft of the madness they so desperately
need to do their blue sky thinking well.

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