Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The legalisation of assisted suicide

I can't believe no one is campaigning for this. But then such is the problem of the false morality in mental health.

Time and again the mental health movement is just a way to enforce a temporary social doctorine or dogma as though it were an objective truth.

The only progress is the Mental Capacity Act. There is still no true acceptance that people want to die but there is a partial acceptance. A person can refuse life-saving treatment.

When will progress happen enough such that someone would be kind enough to place a gun to my head and put a bullet through my temples? Do we not have this morality yet?

The fact is we do. Doctors end patients suffering all the time. The profession don't talk about it much and the public don't know. There are some doctors who risk their careers out of compassion. There are some which care for human life so much they understand enough that they would kill a patient who wanted it.

Those who understand their patients rather than sit in judgement are the real doctors. They understand some people have the mental capacity to wish and want their death.

The best thing in my life will be the end.

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