Monday, 19 December 2011

Looked after child is label which predicts a worse life outcome with a high degree of...

...truth better than psychiatry or astrology achieves.

This is a guess of course. It is a guess based on life course.

A child who ends up in care is invariably a person who experiences trauma in one form or other. In the main I suspect the trauma creates the unwanted externalisations which lead a person into care. There's also the unwanted behaviours and the society which disadvantages those who display them.

Then they end up in the system. Those who have recognised mental health problems get fucked by psychiatry. Those that don't have recognised by psychiatry get fucked lives anyway.

All that stuff together defines a terrible social outcomes prognosis. I dare to think what the suicide rate is for children who were ever looked after by the state.

If there is a future to humanity, a future I want to see, it is where there are no looked after children. The technical and legal definition is children who are looked after by the state if I remember right.

The traumas these children face can be solved by resolving parental mental health. I don't want a return to the days of pointing blame at schizophregenic mothers. I want the adults to be okay so they don't beat and emotionally abuse their children to vent at the shit of the world.

If we build a future for our children then we build a now for ourselves. Without adult mental health there will still be children who are looked after by the state rather than their family or the community or whatever social structures will exist when humanity actually starts to achieve.

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